• As Guest Ranch hosts, we meet so many horse enthusiasts each year, and are excited & looking forward to The Mane Event, especially seeing it land in British Columbia this year.

    The Mane Event is Canada’s best known horse expo, and it is the largest, which has been going on for 13 years and counting.

    The Mane Event hosts the country’s best horse trainers and equestrian experts both this side of North America, and from our neighbors in the USA.  The show usually attracts guests from even farther afield.


    What to expect 

    Trainers will be sharing the best in knowledge on the news training methods, horse healthcare, entertainment and not to forget the trade show.

    Experts will share all of this in the form of clinics, presentations and seminars.

    You will learn how to improve your riding skills; how to train your horse properly.

    There will be sessions on racing, jumping and dressage and you can experience back country rides too.

    A range of vendors with the most up to date products will also be on offer.

    Three day challenge One of the real showstoppers of the event is the three day challenge that colt starters take on (not to be tried at home).

    They take an unbroke colt on Friday and demonstrate what they can do in three days of training.


    Equine experience show

    When you’re not busy learning through the clinics, presentations and seminars, or purchasing what the best vendors in the equine industry have to offer, you should watch the equine experience show.

    In fact you must at least take the Saturday night off to do so.

    It includes stunning displays of trick riding, local drill teams and other performances and it is guaranteed to wow.

    Unfortunately dog owners will have to leave their four legged friends behind or at least make arrangements bearing in mind that dogs are restricted from the event’s trade show or arena buildings. Service dogs are however, allowed.

    You can enjoy The Mane Event in the following venues and at the following dates:

    Red Deer AB 21-23 April 2017 London ON 12-14 May 2017 Scottsdale 26-28 May 2017 Chilliwack BC 20-22 October 2017