• For equestrian fans in Canada there’s no shortage of activity among the ranches in the country’s hinterlands. But for those looking for a little more decadence can watch their favourite recreation combined with art and theatrics.

    Odysseo Cavalia
    That’s because the Odysseo and Cavalia are coming to Vancouver, the world’s largest big top that’s been touring since 2011. This is the show were 65 horses and 48 artists put on a performance that never fails to leave an audience of every age in awe as it merges together special effects and acrobatic display with dance and live music, which simply translates into poetry.

    This premium show is the brainchild of Normand Latourelle and Dominique Day who formed the company headquartered in Montreal, now very much part of the Canadian heritage. It is also hugely popular so its advised you to get your tickets early for this one.

    The Philosophy behind Cavalia
    Equestrian shows can produce some reservations but you can feel assured with the Odysseo Cavalia tour. The show is a “homage to the age-old bond between human and horse”. The horses have not been taken for granted and the company responsible insist they are committed to their comfort and well-being with specially designed training methods
    to ensure that the horses enjoy their training and also performing on the stage. According to Cavalia Inc.:

    “Trainers pay close attention to the horses to make sure that every request is understood, and remain respectful of what the horses are ready to offer. Our philosophy is rooted in patience, trust and deep-seated respect. This genuine sense of caring and authenticity is inevitably what resonates with our audiences.”

    Importing grand landscapes to the big top
    While you may be in Canada, watching these four-legged beauties with their highly talented two-legged partners, you’ll feel more like you’re in the remote areas of Central Asia or Africa.

    Using special effects, the theatrics enable you to transport to further flung lands and with cleverly mounded dirt, and occasional moments where the horses are allowed to roam free, it feels as though you are watching them in their natural habitat.

    Mississauga shows start playing on 21 June, get to the website to book your tickets promptly and fall in love all over again with our equine friends.

    If that is not enough horse for you then come and enjoy plenty of riding yourself at the Montana Hill Guest Ranch where you can experience the human-horse connection first hand.