Your Host Elaine & Alan

Elaine’s father was a minister with the United Church, and his job required he and his family to move around a lot. Her most memorable vacation as a child was going to a horseback riding camp on Prince Edward Island. She pleaded with her parents to let her bring home the horse she had ridden and bonded with. They said “yes and she has been working with horses ever since.

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AI grew up on a small farm just south of Ottawa Ontario. Al’s Dad successfully bred and trained Standardbred race horses. AI jokes that he “never had a bicycle growing up but there was always a horse to ride.”

The pair had always dreamed of owning a guest ranch. Each summer, when their niece and nephew visited them, they loved to plan dude ranch excursions for the family, which allowed them to see firsthand what worked well and what did not work well. One year they visited a guest ranch in the Kootenays and the amazing experience remains one of the family’s most memorable holidays to this day.

In Sept 2016 they moved into their new home and their next venture – the Montana Hill Guest Ranch. The couple brought all their experience and enthusiasm with them and the years of planning bore fruit. When guests arrive here, Elaine and Alan embrace them in their homes and hearts to help them enjoy real western hospitality!

Years later, when you and your kids think back on your favourite vacations, your unique, delightful experiences at Montana Hill Guest Ranch will be branded into everyone’s memories while other vacations will be long forgotten.

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With over 20 years in the British Columbia Bed And Breakfast industry, we assure you that you will have a high quality enjoyable and relaxing stay.
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